For the past 93 years Xi Lambda Chapter has been a pillar in the Chicago Community, during these years the Brother have always made a mark on fulfilling the mission of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.  “Develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities”.

During the course of providing service and working to improve our community, telling our story has not been a priority for the Chapter.  Not since early years in chapter have Xi Lambda competed for the Fraternity’s covered award,” National Chapter of the Year”.  As a Chapter, we just did what we are expected to do, the work of ALPHA, however over the past 2 years Xi Lambda Chapter has participated and won Chapter of the Year at both the District and Regional level.  Now we have an opportunity to share with the Brotherhood throughout the nation, the work that we have been doing in Chicago for a very long time.  In a couple of weeks Xi Lambda Brothers will be competing for National Chapter of the Year at the General Convention in Baltimore Maryland and we are very excited about this opportunity!

Xi Lambda has participated at every level of the fraternity with over 290 active members, over 195 active life members, and over 50 members with 50 years or more in Alpha.  Our participation includes 24 years as the National Security team, Chairman of the Regional Convention, Midwestern Regional Vice-President, advisor to the District Director, just to name a few.

Our Contribution to growth and personal service of chapter members includes our Monthly Newsletter, our 26th Annual Family and Friends Cookout, the bi-annual Prayer Breakfast, Wednesday Night Fellowships which dates back to the facility at 4432 S Parkway, known today as Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.  Our annual Leadership retreats, which stimulates and motivates brothers to take on leadership roles and as well as our Distinguished Lecture Series and our Historical Bus Tours, both are designed to bring historical prospective to life for both seasoned and new members.

Xi Lambda continues to participate in all of the Fraternity’s National Programs as well as the National Initiates.  Xi Lambda doesn’t just participate, but we have been pioneers in improving these programs to meet the needs of the community.  Project Alpha is always huge success for the chapter, as we partner with the other Alumni and College chapters in the Chicagoland (CACAC) area to service over 300 children annually.  The unique part about this National Program is that the commitment don’t stop there, we incorporate Go To High School, Go To College mentoring program to the youth that participate in Project Alpha.  Xi Lambda was one of the few chapters in the fraternity award the Department of Juvenile Justice Grant to service youth at risk in our community.

Our Brothers Keepers program is culminated by an annual Senior Brothers Luncheon.  Our Participation with Voteless People Hopeless People includes the educating the community through political forms that are hosted by the chapter and an annual get out the vote campaign.  The chapter supports Boy Scout Troop 778 both financially and through mentorship.  We alsohave several brothers that are active with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and last year the Chapter raise over $4000 for the March for Babies campaign.

Xi Lambda has two 501c3 foundations, XLEF our educational foundation and XLCAPA our community service foundation.  Over the past 2 years XLEF has given out over $18,000 in scholarships to deserving young men in the community to help them as they pursue higher education, SCHOLARSHIP! XLCAPA who owns and operates the Community Center located at 8236 S Western, has been instrumental in hosting events for the chapter’s mentees through the Restorative Justice Grant awarded to the foundation from Cook County to decrease violence in the Community.  The foundation also variety of community related events including an annual Halloween Party for the kids and their families.

So as we tell our story, we hope to enlighten the Alpha Community about the work that Xi Lambda does for the Chicago Community.

“Let’s Go To Work”

Steven Minter